Fresh Cards v2.4 is finally here! This update took a long time since there were numerous under the hood changes to improve the app’s performance and reliability.

There were a few issues with sync taking longer than normal on devices that hadn’t synced in a while. Sync should be a bit faster now and more reliable. Additionally, if you quit the app during a sync, when you return to the app, sync will continue from where you left off. In previous versions of Fresh Cards, the app would often restart the sync from scratch if you quit too early. This led to syncs potentially never finishing.

Anki import has been improved. This is a bit technical, but basically the old import code mistakenly used the notes table in the Anki deck to generate cards. The new version will now properly use the cards table along with the notes table to generate a card for each cloze and each template. This means more Anki decks will be compatible for import.

The app still does not handle HTML and css templates correctly, but I have plans to improve Anki compatibility to 100%. It will take a bit more time to get there, though.

I hope you enjoy these updates. As always, feel free to reach out to me with bug reports or requests. The best way to do that is via our Discord.