Fresh Cards uses iCloud for syncing. The app does not make use of any of its own cloud services, which helps to avoid a monthly subscription fee.

You don’t need to initiate a sync. The app will start a sync a few seconds after it has detected activity on your device or in the cloud.

If you import a large deck, especially one that has many image or audio files, you may notice a deck goes into sync for a minute or two, depending on your internet connection speed.

Please allow the sync to complete before exiting the app. Fresh Cards currently does not sync any data in the background. If you switch to another device before one device has completed syncing, you may not see all the changes on the 2nd device if the first one was exited before it completed pushing up changes to iCloud.

Slow iCloud sync

Please note that sometimes iCloud takes longer than normal to sync files, so if you are noticing that even after a device completes syncing (i.e. no sync indicator is showing) the device is still not up to date with card additions or review information, it may be due to iCloud taking longer than normal. This usually resolves itself in a few hours. Your data data is safe, even if it has not yet updated on all devices.

Unfortunately, in practice we’ve found this to be sporadic. Sometimes iCloud takes longer than normal, but this is usually not something that happens on a daily basis.

Troubleshooting: Sync spinner taking long

If you install the app on a device for the first time, the device is an older one, and you have a significant number of cards and reviews (a year or more of reviews), syncing may take longer than normal. You will know this is the case because in the deck list, decks will appear stuck in a “Syncing…” state. If this happens, please leave the app open for a few minutes as it works its way through all of the sync data. Once complete, subsequent syncs should not take long.

Audio and image files

All audio and image files in a deck are saved to iCloud and to the device.