Export (macOS)

At the moment, only export is available on the macOS version of the app.

To export an entire deck: right-click (or ctrl-click) on a deck in the deck list and select either of the following:

To export individual cards, you can select them from the playlist and then right-click to bring up the context menu. From there, Export to freshpack and Export to text file are available on just the selected cards.

Tip: to select more than one card, cmd-click. Use shift-click to select a range of cards.

Export to freshpack file

This option exports an entire deck to a freshpack file. Freshpack files are zipped up archives that contain a SQLite database and all of the image and audio resources for a given deck.

See the technical notes page for more details on the freshpack format.

Other Fresh Cards users can import the freshpack file. See the import section below for more details.

Export to text file

This option exports the entire deck to a single text file. Note that since the output file is a text file, image and audio resources will not be included. Use this option if you have a deck of text only and want to easily share the contents somewhere as a readable file.

See the technical notes page for more details on the text file format.

Export via drag and drop

It is also possible to drag and drop cards directly into a text editor. This will automatically convert the dragged cards into text content. Select one or more cards in the playlist and then drag them into a text editor such as TextEdit.